Friday, June 1, 2012

Kim Kardashian - Natural Look Hairstyle

Kim Kardashian is a celebrity known for participating in various fields in the showbiz. She is a model, a television personality who features in a reality show, E, as well as other captivating drama series. As a celebrity and a socialite, people are used to her “glammed” up look. This is a look associated with the use of a lot make up especially the smoky eye makeup.

Kim Kardashian - Long Straight Hairstyle

Her natural look elicited many comments from her fans. The comments are posted on her blog spot. She said that that she tried to wear a natural look as opposed to what she is used to as an experiment. This was also encouraged by her stylist who thought she would look much better in a natural style.

Kim Kardashian - Long Wavy Hairstyle

There are those who liked it and encouraged her to go on with it. Others still said it looked fine but preferred her all made up plus it was a signature and it would not have been cool to drop it. Then there was the lot that thought that both looks could work for her. She could have the natural look for the day then change to the sophisticated look for the night.

Kim Kardashian - Natural look Hairstyle