Friday, June 1, 2012

Popstars Hairstyle: Katy Perry

Another fine option for those who are growing out their hair from a pixie bob or who prefer the ease of care and beauty of medium length hair is the Katy Perry hairstyle. This hairstyle is an ultra retro throwback reminiscent of that famous pin-up bombshell, Bettie Paige only with less to worry about for us every day girls!

Popstars Hairstyle: Katy Perry

To get this hairstyle, start out with hair falling longer than chin but shoulder than shoulders. You can actually get away with this one especially easily if your hair is naturally wavy!

Katy Perry Hairstyle

If your hair is not wavy, you are going to either need to have waves set into your hair or use a large curling iron on damp hair with a bit of hairspray to add a gentle wave to your hair.

Popstars Hairstyle: Katy Perry hairstyle

From there, have your stylist cut your bangs ultra short leaving just enough to hide your hairline sweeping your short bangs backward to mostly blend them into the flow of your hair.

Katy Perry - Different hairstyle

After that, simply tame any frizzes with frizz away spray and add a little water or styling spray to set your hair into just the right gently flowing backwards style. Toss on some shine spray and smoky eye shadow and you will turn heads for sure!

Katy Perry - Hairstyle